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Characteristics of chilled cast iron and alloy cast iron.

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Chilled cast iron and alloy cast iron is commonly used in the production of wear-resistant materials. Chilled cast iron also chilled cast iron, it is placed cold iron in the mold, to speed up the cooling rate of castings and get. Typical chemical composition of chilled cast iron: C content of 3% ~ 3.5%, 0.5% ~ 0.7% Si content, Mn content of 0.5% ~ 0.7%, the content of P is less than 0.4%, the content of S is less than 0.07%. Characteristics of chilled cast iron is white surface parts, the hardness and wear resistance is greatly improved, the internal remained grey cast organization, to prevent the whole embrittlement. Chill surface hardness of about HRC60, calender roll is an example.
Chilled Ni Cr cast iron also belong to this. Chilled Ni Cr cast iron Ni content is 4%, the content of Cr is 1.1%, Ni makes the pearlite and graphite refinement, increase the strength and wear resistance of the cast iron. Adding Ni can improve the heat resistance. Chilled Ni Cr cast iron hardness can reach HRC60, used to manufacture roll.
High chromium cast iron is high temperature resistant cast iron, the typical composition: Cr content of 22% ~ 25%, the content of Si 1.2%, Mn content of 0.3% ~ 0.75%. The addition of Cr can improve the wear resistance of cast iron, because Cr can form a compact protective film on the surface of casting Cr2O3. Cr was also the formation of carbide, improve the hardness and strength of cast iron. High chromium cast iron can be used for the manufacture of wear-resistant parts working under high temperature over 800 deg.
Mud pump for drilling which is made of wear-resistant alloy cast iron Crl5Mo3, the hardness of HRC62, is currently one of the most difficult to machining metal materials.
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