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EPC casting process what problems exist

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Lost foam casting in casting, in order to discharge gas and the appearance of the gasification residue, sprue should be high enough to make the liquid metal with a press head enough to promote stable and rapid flow of molten metal filling, ensure the casting surface integrity and clear. In practice, some enterprises using the original sand casting sprue cup, due to the smaller size, easy to appear the liquid flow does not lead to the phenomenon of stable workpiece scrapped. In order to ensure a sufficient flow to make the casting process of continuous flow, and soon established starting pressure head, instead of pouring cup is bigger; the sprue is made into hollow to reduce gas back jet, increasing the pressure head start pouring time.
Casting using negative pressure dry sand vibration modeling of EPC, using this method modeling mold strength is far greater than the wet tensile strength of moulding sand. Using negative pressure pumping method can improve the stability of mold, pumping promptly pyrolysis and gasification products generated during walking pattern gasification. But in the production process, some factories only observe before pouring table vacuum pouring process, but often ignore the negative pressure changes, resulting in the defects of castings. By taking according to the number of casting size and pyrolysis products, and method of adjustment of the negative pressure in the casting process, which can solve the problem very well. Casting process due to its less investment in equipment, low cost features of EPC, has been rapid development in recent years. Many of the existing small and medium-sized foundry enterprises are increasingly using the technology. However, some enterprises to model, coatings, vibration method, the casting process of some operation details not attention, so in the production process in the casting quality unstable phenomenon.
Casting technology as a casting forming method of near silent EPC, in recent years has been rapid development. In a foreign country because of lost foam casting mechanization and automation of the completed and put into production and the remarkable economic and social benefits, the EPC technology show powerful vitality.
Some time ago in China EPC technology application although progress is slow, but has been rapid development in recent years. Especially due to the casting of less equipment investment, short process route of EPC, many of the existing small and medium-sized foundry enterprises are increasingly using the technology. However, some enterprises to some operation could not pay attention, so that some problems appeared in the process of production, which has a great effect on the quality of castings.
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